Microsoft Public Affiliate Program (JP)(マイクロソフトアフィリエイトプログラム)

パステム IT用語辞典・IT用語同義語辞典


 IT用語一覧 【 L 】 
< 1 >
L mode libtheora Logarithmic Amplifier
L series recommendations libtheora 1.0 logarithmic amplifier
L-series recommendations libtheora1.0 Alpha 3 LogFS
L'Union Europeenne de Radio-Television libvpx logger
L0 libvpx 1.3.0 logging
L0s libvpx 1.4.0 LOGI
L1 License logic
L1 cache license logic board
L10N license authentication logic bomb
L1キャッシュ Lideo logic check
L2 LIDS logic circuit
L2 switch LIF logic error
L2100 LIFE logic gate
L2200 Life Cycle Assessment logic LSI
L2F Life Time Value logic operation
L2SW life cycle logic operator
L2TP life cycle assessment LOgical Natural lanGuage description
L2TP/IPsec life expectancy Logical Block Access
L2TPv3 LIFEBOOK WS1/W Logical Block Address
L2TPv3/IPsec Liferay Portal Logical Block Addressing
L2キャッシュ LiFe電池 Logical Block Provisioning Read Zero
L2スイッチ LIFO Logical disjunction
L3 Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Logical Inference Per Second
L3 switch Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission Aadiation Logical Input Output
L3キャッシュ Light Emitting Diode Logical Input/Output
L3スイッチ Light Field Mapping Logical Link Control
L4 Light Intensity Modulation Logical PARtitioning
L4スイッチ Light Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite Logical schema
L5 Light Peak Logical Unit
L6 Light Weight Process Logical Unit 6.2
L7 light amplification of stimulated emission radiation Logical Unit Number
L7100 light emitting diode Logical Volume Manager
L7200 light intensity modulation direct overwrite logical address
L7300 light source logical block address
L7400 light weight logical disk
L7500 light weight process logical drive
L7700 light weight プロセス logical error
L7スイッチ Lighthouse Design logical inference per second
LA Lighting logical operation
La Lightning Arrester logical shift
Lab‐on‐a‐Chip Lightning connector logical sum operation
Label Switching Router Lightning Data Transport logical unit 6.2
label Lightning Experience logical value
Laboratoire Europeen pour la Physique des Particules lightning arrester logical volume manager
Laboratory Automation lightning surge Logicool
Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering research Lightningコネクタ Logicool Co Ltd.
Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench LightWave Logicool G
LabVIEW LightWave 2015 login
Ladder Diagram Lightweight Directory Access Protocol loginname
LAG Lightweight Language Logistic regression
Laggards lightweight components Logitec
LaGrande Technology like-farming Logitec Corp.
laminar feet per minits LILO Logitech International S.A.
LAN adapter LIM-EMS logoff
LAN analyzer Lima Logon Script
LAN board LIMDOW logon
LAN cable LimeWire logon script
LAN card Limit Switch logout
LAN Distance Limited Edition LOGO言語
LAN Emulation Configuration Server Limiter logrotate
LAN Emulation Server limiter LOGアンプ
LAN emulation configuration server limiting circuit LoiLoScope2
LAN emulation server LIMIX DC-GH5 Loki Software
LAN Manager LiMo LOL
LAN Manager hosts LiMo Foundation Lollipop
LAN Managerクライアント Linaro Stable Kernel LONG
LAN Managerサーバ Lincroft LONG CARD
LAN switch Lindows Long File Name
lAN Emulation Server Long Instruction Word
LANC Lindows.com社 Long Mode
Land LINE Long Physical Address Extensions
Land Grid Array LINE MUSIC Long Range
Land Pre-Pit LINE MUSIC 株式会社 Long Term Evolution
LANDesk Manager LINE Q Long Term Evolution-Advanced
LanDesk Client Manager LINE WORKS Long wavelength
LANDeskマネージャ Line 21 long
Landing Page Optimization Line 21方式 long card
Landing Zone Line Feed long file name
landing pages Line Per Inch long instruction word
LANDISK Line PRinter daemon protocol long integer
LANG line long press

 IT用語一覧 【 L 】 
< 2 >
language line editor long tail
language edition of a program line feed code long tap
language independent line height Long-team Data Endurance
language processor line number longest match
Langwell line per inch Longhorn
LanScope An line printer Longitudinal Magnetic Recording
Lanthanum line protection Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LANアダプタ line speed LongRun
LANアナライザ LINE:ディズニーツムツム Look Up Table
LANカード Linear Block Array look and feel
LANケーブル Linear model look up
LANコネクタ Linear module look up table
LANスイッチ Linear Programming look-ahead
LANボード Linear Pulse Code Modulation look-ahead buffer
LANポート Linear Tape-Open look-up table
LANマネージャ linear access lookahead
LANマネジャ linear array lookahead buffer
LANマネジャー linear feet per minits Lookup table
LANモニタ linear linked list Looopでんき
LAN化 linear list Loop Initialization Primitive
LAN間ブリッジ接続VPN linear search loop
LAN間接続 Lines Of Code loop mail
LAN間接続装置 Lines Of Code method loopback
LAN規格 lines per inch loopback interface
LAN型VPN LINEギフト loopback test
LAN側ポート LINEディズニーツムツム loose routing
LAN端子 LINEモバイル loose source routing
LAN中継装置 LINEレベル Loosely Coupled Multi-Processor
LAN配線形態 Link Access Procedure Balanced LoRa
LAN用避雷器 Link Access Procedure Extended LoRa Alliance
LAP Link Access Procedure for Modem LoRaWAN
LAPB Link Access Procedure M LOS
LAPD Link Access Procedure on the D-channel Loss of Signal
LAPLINK Link Access Procedure,Balanced Loss of Signal ,Alarm Indication Signal and Remote Defect Indication defect detection and clearance criteria for PDH signals
LAPLINK MAC Link Access Protocol Extended loss of trailing digits
LAPLINK-J Link Aggregation Control Protocol Lossless JPEG
LAPLINKV Link Aggregation Group lossless audio compression
LAPM Link Control Facility lossless compression
LAPM手順 Link Control Protocol lossless圧縮
LAPP Link Control Protocol Extentions Lossy JPEG
Lapped transform Link Local Address lossy compression
Laptop Link Power Management lossy圧縮
laptop computer Link Sculpting Lotus
LAPX Link Station Lotus 1-2-3
LARC Link Support Layer Lotus AmiPro
Large Internetwork Packet link Lotus Development
Large LBA link access procedure balanced Lotus Development社
Large Scale Integrated Circuit link access procedure extended Lotus Domino
Large Scale Integration link access procedure on the D channel Lotus Intel Microsoft EMS
Large Send Offload link access protocol balanced Lotus Mail Exchange Facility
large scale integrated circuit link access protocol extended Lotus Notes
Large-Scale Integration link access protocol on the D channel Lotus Notes Domino
Largeモード link aggregation Lotus Notes R4.1
Laroux link control facility Lotus Notes R4J
laroux link text Lotus Notes/Domino
Larry Page Link-Access Protocol Lotus Sametime
Larry Page氏 link-local address Lotus SuperOffice
Larry Wall linkage editor Lotus WordPro
Larry Wall氏 linked list Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory Manager Specification
LASDEC LinkedIn Lotus1-2-3
LASER LinkedInアカウント Lotus社
LASER SHOT linker loudness
Laser Beam Printer Linking Element Louis Steinberg氏
Laser Beam Printer Image Processing System LinksMate loupe
Laser Disk Read Only Memory Linus LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs
laser Linus B. Torvalds LOW TILDE
laser beam printer Linus B.Torvalds Low Complexity
laser diode Linus Torvalds Low Earth Orbit Satellites
laser printer LINUX Low Energy
Laserjet LInux LOader Low Frequency
LaserjetV Linux Low Frequency Oscillator
LASERSHOT Linux Apache MySQL Perl Low Insertion Force
Lasso Tool Linux Apache MySQL PHP Low Level Format
Last In First Out Linux Apache MySQL Python Low Pass Filter
Last Interaction model Linux distribution Low Pin Count
Last Level Cache Linux Intrusion Detection System Low Power DDR
LAT Linux Loader Low Power DDR2
Late Majority Linux log-structured and scalable flash file system Low Power DDR3
Late Write SRAM Linux Mint Low Power DDR3 SDRAM
latency Linux Mint Debian Edition Low Power DDR3メモリ
LATEX Linux Phone Standards Forum Low Power DDR4

 IT用語一覧 【 L 】 
< 3 >
LaTeX Linux Professional Institute Low Power DDR4メモリ
LaTeX markup language Linux Professional Institute Certification Low Power Double Data Rate 2
Latin-1 Linux Standard Base Low Power Double Data Rate 3
Latin-2 Linux 向け XAMPP Low Power Double Data Rate 3メモリ
Latin-3 Linux.Backdoor.Kaiten Low Power Double Data Rate 4
Latin-4 Linux.Xorddos!gen1 Low Power Idle
latitude Linux/DDoS.XOR Low Power Intel Architecture
Laugh Out Loud Linux/Tsunami.A (AVG); ELF:Tsunami-A Low Power Schottky Transistor Transistor Logic
Launch Pad Linux+Apache+Firebird+(Perl,PHP,Python) Low Power Wide Area
Launch Screen Linux+Apache+MySQL+(PHP,Perl,Python) Low Power Wide Area Network
launch Linux+Apache+PostgreSQL+(PHP,Perl,Python) Low Power, Wide Area
launch screen Linuxant DriverLoader Low Power,Wide Area
Launcher Linuxカーネル Low Profile
launcher Linuxディストリビューション Low Profile PCI
LAVIE Direct HZ LIO Low Profile Quad Flat Package
LaVie Y LIP Low Speedモード
Lavie Hybrid Frista LiPo Low To High
Lavie Hybrid Zero LiPo電池 Low to High
Lawrence Joseph Ellison LIPS Low Voltage
Lawrencium LIPS T Low Voltage CMOS
Layer LIPS W Low Voltage Differential
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol LIPS X Low Voltage Differential Signaling
layer 1 LiPS Low Voltage Differential Signaling方式
layer 2 LiPS Forum Low Voltage Differntial Signaling
layer 2 switch LIPSU Low Voltage TTL
layer 3 LIPSU+ Low voltage differential signaling
layer 3 switch LIPSV Low Voltage-Emitter Coupled Logic
layer 4 LIPプロトコル low active
layer 4 switch Liquid Crystal low earth orbit satellites
layer 5 Liquid Crystal Display low level format
layer 6 liquid crystal display low line
layer 7 liquid crystal monitor low order byte
layer 7 switch liquid crystal printer low order version
layer two fowarding protocol Liquied Nitrogen low power schottky transistor transistor logic
Layer2 Segment Lisa low profile quad flat package
Layer2 segment Lisa Office low voltage CMOS
LB Lisa Office System low voltage TTL
LBA Lisa Office System Release 1.0 low voltage-emitter coupled logic
LBP Lisa OS Low-complexity coding at 24 and 32kbit/s for hands-free operation in systems with low frame loss
LBP Image Processing System Lisa Write Low-complexity, full-band audio coding for high-quality, conversational applications
LBPRZ Lisa7/7 Office System Release 3.1 Low-Cut Filter
LBS LisaCalc Low-Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction
LC LisaDraw low-delay code excited linear prediction
LCA LisaList low-end
LCC LisaProject low-end machine
LCD LisaTerminal low-end model
LCD Inverter Power Supply LISMO low-end server
LCDテレビ LISMO Port low-end servers
LCDパネル LISP low-level format
LCDプロジェクター LISP machine low-level programming language
LCDモニタ Lisp Low-Power Wide-Area Network
LCF LISPマシン low-temperature poly-silicon liquid crystal
LCMP Lispマシン Lowcost PC
LCP Lisp言語 Lower case letters
LCR LIST lower case
LCX LISt Processor lower compatibility
LCプロファイル LISt Processor Language lower compatible
LD list processing lower process
LD-CELP list remote files lower provider
LD-CELPを用いた16kbit/s音声符号化方式 ListenRadio lower-case letters
LD-ROM listing advertisement lowercase
LDAPv2 Lite-On Technology Corporation lp
LDAPv3 Litecoin LP-1700
LDE LiteON LP-8200
LDR Pocket LiteOn LP-8200PS2
LDT literal LP-9100PS2F2
LE Lithium LP2
Lead Lithium Cell LP4
Leaded Chip Carrier Lithium-ion LPAE
Leading Innovation Lithium-ion battery LPAR
Leadless Chip Carrier Lithium-ion polymer battery LPC
leadless chip carrier lithium-ion rechargeable battery LPCM
leaf lithography LPCボコーダ
leaf node Little Computer People LPD
Leaky Coaxial cable little endian lpd
Leap Motion Live & Interactive Picture System LPDDR
Leap Motionコントローラー Live CD LPDDR SDRAM
Learning Management System Live DVD LPDDR1
lease Live Dwango Reader LPDDR2

 IT用語一覧 【 L 】 
< 4 >
leased line Live Messenger data file LPDDR2 SDRAM
Least Cost Routing Live USB LPDDR2-1066
Least Frequently Used Live サーチ LPDDR2-200
Least Mean Square live migration LPDDR2-N
Least Mean Square algorithm Live2D LPDDR2-NVM
Least Recently Used Live2D Animator LPDDR2-S2
Least Significant Bit Live2D Modeler LPDDR2-S4
Least Significant Byte Live3D LPDDR2-SX
Least Slack Time First LiveCycle LPDDR3
least cost routing livedoor Reader LPDDR3 SDRAM
least frequently used livedoor クリップ LPDDR4
least mean square Livermorium LPF
least recently used LiVES LPI
least significant bit Liveweave lpi
least significant byte Livingston Enterprise LPI-Japan
least slack time first Livingston Enterprise社 LPIA
Least-Recently Used LIW LPIC
leave without paying Li電池 LPIC-1
Leawo Blu-ray Player Lkit-16 LPIC-2
Leclanche cell LL LPIC-3 Core
LECS Llano LPIC-3 Speciality
LED display LLC LPM
LED printer LLC副層 LPO
LEDディスプレイ Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. LPP
LEDバックライト LL法 LPR
LEDプリンタ LM lpr
LEDプリンター lm LPRT
left curly brace LMR LPWAN
left flick LMS LPX
left parenthesis LMSアルゴリズム LP用紙
left square bracket LN2 LQFP
Legacy LN2冷却 Lr
Legacy Intel Xeon Processor LnF LR-DIMM
Legacy Mode LNP LR03
LEGO Load balancing LR6
Lempel Ziv Welch Load Impedance LRC
Lempel-Ziv Load Reduced DIMM LRDIMM
Lempel-Ziv 77 Load Reduced Dual In-Line Memory Module LRQA
Lempel-Ziv-Welch load LRU
Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorhythm load balancer LR構文解析法
lending machine load balancing LR法
Length Required load module LS
Lenovo load sharing LS-120
Lenovo Corporation load sharing system LS120
Lenovo Japan load test LSB
Lenovo Japan Corporation load/unload lsb
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Load-Reduced DIMM LSI
lenovo loadable kernel module LSI Logic
Leonard Adleman氏 loader LSIチップ
LEOS Loading LSIロジック
LEP LoadState LSK
Leslie Lamport Local LSO
Leslie Lamport氏 Local address LSR
less than sign Local Area Network LSTF
less-than sign Local Area Network Controller LSTTL
Lesser GPL Local Area Transport LT
let Local Descriptor Table LTC
Let's note Local Exchange Carrier LTE
Level 1 Local FB LTE TDD
Level 2 Local Frame Buffer LTE-A
Level 3 Local Government WAN LTE-Advanced
Level of Detail Local Government Wide Area Network LTE-M
level 1 cache Local Government Wide Area Network-Application Service Provider LTEアドバンスト
level 2 cache Local Integrated Software Architecture LTE方式
leveling Local listing ads LTH
Lexar Professional 2933x Local Number Portability LTHタイプ
Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 Local Procedure Call LTO
Lexington Local Trends LTO Accelis
LEXIS local LTO Ultrium
LEXPAT local account LTO アクセリス
LF local address LTO ウルトリウム
LFB local bus LTO-3
LFM local disk LTV
lfm local echo LU
LFO local exchange carrier Lu
Lftp local government LU6.2
LFU local government cloud LucidDB

 IT用語一覧 【 L 】 
< 5 >
LG local host LucidLogix
LG Display local IP address Lucifer
LG FIREWEB local loop Lumiera
LG Watch Urbane local loopback luminance
LG.JP domain local loopback address LUMIX DC-GF9 local navigation LUN
LG.JPドメイン local printer Luna
LG2 local procedure call Lunascape
LGA local scope Lupe
LGA1150 local search LUT
LGA1151 local SEO Lutetium
LGA1155 local storage LV
LGA1156 local variable Lv
LGA1366 local wipe LV-ECL
LGA2011 locale LVCMOS
LGA2011-v3 localhost LVD
LGA2066 localisation LVDS
LGA771 locality of reference LVM
LGA775 localization LVTTL
LGPL localize LW
LGWAN localizing into Japanese LWCAD
LGWAN-ASPアプリケーションサービス LocalTalk Link-Access Protocol lx
LGWAN-ASPサービス location LYCOS
LGエレクトロニクス IPS方式 location bar Lycos
LGエレクトロニクス・ジャパン location targeting ads Lync Online
LGドメイン lock-in LynnField
LHA Lockdown Lynnfield
LhaForge Lockdown editor Lynx Point
Lhaplus lockdown LynxOS
LHARC Lockdownエディタ LZ
LHarc Locked LZ77
Lhaz lockout LZ77アルゴリズム
Li Locky lzh
Li-ion Locomotive Software LZH形式
Li-ion電池 Locoscript LZMA2方式
Li-Po Locoscript 24-pin Printer Data File LZMA方式
LI18NUX Locoscript Dot Matrix Data File LZS
Lian Li Locoscript Dot Matrix Printer Definition File LZS方式
Lian Li Industrial LOC法 LZW
Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd. LOD LzW
Lian-Li Log LZWアルゴリズム
LIB Log Amp LZW圧縮
LiB log LZW特許
LIBrary log file LZW符号化
Library GPL log in LZ法
library log management Lシリーズ勧告
LibreOffice log on Lバンド
LibreOffice Vanilla log rotate Lマーク
Libretto log rotation Lモード
Libretto 20CT log-on

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